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Be a Hotel Owner for One Week a Year! Own at Al Bohaira and enjoy a superb view overlooking the Crystal Lagoon at one of its kind resort in the region, throughout a lifetime ownership of common shares at the Lagoon. We offer you a weekly bases beneficial ownership for the family or the Individuals, in addition we will enable you to double benefit by shifting or dividing your week during the year, leasing your week, or gifting it. Beneficial Ownership is registered and approved by the ministry of Tourism according to the Islamic Sharea’ and Jordanian Laws.

Ammon Suite 1 Bed Room without Terrace 36 sqm 2 Adults

Turath Suite 1 Bed Room with Terrace 40 sqm 2 Adults

Petra Suite 1 Bed Room + Specious Lounge 46 sqm 2 Adults /2 Children E

lite Suite 2 Bed Room + Living Room 70 sqm 4 Adults /2 Children Petra Suite 1 Bed Room + Living Room 46 sqm 2 Adults /2 Children

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Undivided Mushaa Dep - Lagoon Bldg # 68 – Wakalat Street – Swifieh Lagoon Hotel and Resort Dead Sea




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